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New Year, New Jerky: Introducing Wild Willett Turkey Jerky!

While we don't believe you need a new year to reinvent yourself, with the chaos that was 2020, the start of 2021 feels like the perfect time to kick-off something fresh.
Now introducing, Wild Willett's first-ever Turkey Jerky! 
For those of you who love the fun fruit flavors of our beef jerky, you'll want to try its leaner and savory cousin - turkey jerky! Still packed with protein with no compromise on taste.
Basil Lime and Ginger Garlic - two varieties, both bursting with flavor. This turkey jerky is the perfect snack to pair with your wellness goals. Whether you're building out a calendar for your new fitness regiment or figuring out how to squeeze in your daily meditations, we've got your cravings (and not-so-guilty pleasures) covered. 
Basil Lime is our turkey jerky with a tangy twist. Something magical happens when protein and citrus combineand this snack is no exception. 
With our Ginger Garlic, turkey jerky’s never smelled (or tasted) so good. The aroma hits you right out of the bag: Fragrant ginger and garlic mingling with turkey and a hint of black pepper.  
Our turkey jerky starts with the highest quality kosher turkey breast meat, fresh from the farm. Each small batch mingles with marinade overnight and after 10-hours of dry-time, it’s ready to knock your snacking socks off.
So what are you waiting for! It's time to enjoy snacking with wild abandon. Shop now!